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PHEW® Strap attachment 01

최종 수정일: 2020년 9월 6일

To attach a PHEW® tracker to common remote controls used in residential spaces,

we created a cherry blossom-shaped sculpture. There is a strong sticker under the petals,

so stick it on the flat part of the remote control.

Cherry blossoms are 25.0 mm wide and 4.0 mm high.

We are currently working on sampling, and when the prototype is completed,

we plan to enclose it and send it out together.

Give it to your parents.

Remote controllers for households

There are many different remote controls at home.

Always look. Are you under the sofa? Is it under the rug?

Can't someone solve this because it's annoying to always look for it?

Then I remember thinking that

I would buy it right away.

There are too many to fit in the picture. Now it's easy to manage.

#sakura #phew #tracker #gift #bluetooth #kkwdesign #remote control #Lost

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